The IBSA Annual Meeting can be attended by messengers or guests.

  • Meeting “guests” are non-voting participants. Anyone may come as a guest.
  • Messengers are officially designated representatives of their local IBSA member churches. Only messengers may vote during the IBSA Annual Meeting.

Officials from IBSA churches may register messengers through the form that was provided in the mail or through the online process below. You will still need information from the mailed registration letter to complete the online form.

Go to and login. Your church username and password are located at the top right portion of your registration letter. Type your name in the box labeled Display Name and click save changes. Once logged in, click on the link under the section called Active Conventions labeled “Register for 2022 IL Baptist State Convention.”

The introduction page will display your 2021 ACP Total Resident Membership along with eligible number of messengers based on resident membership total. If everything is correct, please click the Continue to Pre-Register button.

IBSA Messenger Selection page: To designate a church staff member or leader as a messenger, click on the drop-down box labeled Select a Person. Scroll down and click on the name you are looking for and then click Add Messenger.  The name will be moved to the Selected Messengers column. Do this for each messenger from your church. The system will maintain a running count of the number of selected messengers until you reach your allowed limit. If you need to remove someone that has already been assigned, simply click the Remove box next to their name.

If a messenger’s name is not listed in the Available Leadership area, click New Person at the top of the drop-down list. Enter the information for the new person after clicking Add Messenger.

Once all the messengers have been added, click Continue to Pre-Register.

There will be messenger questions that will appear for each messenger. Please answer these questions and then click Continue to Pre-Register.

The final page lists your assigned messengers. From this screen you should print personalized cards for each messenger to take to the Annual Meeting.  Click the Print Attendee Registration Cards button to print your cards for all listed messengers.  Give each messenger their form once it has been signed by the Pastor, Moderator, or Clerk.  They will need to bring their card to the registration area at the Annual Meeting upon arrival.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Carole Doom at 217-391-3113.